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The Delta Zeta Creed

To the world
I promise temperance and insight and courage,
to crusade for justice,
to seek the truth and defend it always;

To those whom my life my touch in slight measure,
May I give graciously
of what is mine.

To my friends,
Understanding and appreciation;

To those closer ones,
Love that is ever steadfast;

To my mind,

To myself,
That I may walk truly
in the light of the Flame.

This page is just a starting point for my Delta Zeta journal. Each entry is a seperate page with pictures. Take a look around, and get to know a little bit about my DZ experience.

To read each entry, just click on the turtle!

Spring 2001 Initiation -- This is where my life changed, and I became a sister of the Delta Zeta Sorority.

Spring 2001 DZ Formal -- My very first formal event as a DZ.

Spring 2001 Lauren's Nomination -- Lauren's Big night, and my introduction to the "thrill" of homecoming at Fairmont State College.

Spring 2001 Random Stuff -- Random Pictures of events from Spring 2001, and my time as a "new member".

Summer 2001 Kennywood Trip -- Pictures from the first half of the Summer Sisterhood Retreat.

Fall 2001 Rush -- Pictures from the informal party of Fairmont State College's Roundtable Rush 2001.

Fall 2001 Homecoming Float -- Our AMAZING homingcoming float for 2001 - Falcons on a Roll!

Fall 2001 Spirit Stick -- We won the spirit stick!!! We rocked!!

Fall 2001 Homecoming -- The "School Sponsored Dance" and football game - more of "Falcons on a Roll"

Fall 2001 Initiation -- The new pledge class is initiated, and I got a lil sis!

Fall 2001 A DZ Christmas -- Our Christmas Party for 2001.

Fall 2001 Random Stuff -- Pictures from random events from Fall 2001.

Spring 2002 Rush -- Spring Rush 2002 - the informal rush at Fairmont State College.

Spring 2002 Initiation -- Initiation for the Spring 2002 Pledge Class.

Spring 2002 Bikers & Babes Social -- The Bikers and Babes Social with Sigma Tau Gamma.

Spring 2002 Car Wash -- We held a Car wash to benefit a local high school student attend a wrestling camp for deaf students.

Spring 2002 Formal -- My second Formal Event with the DZ sisters.

Spring 2002 Random Stuff -- Pictures from the semester.

Spring 2002 Chanda's Wedding -- The first DZ wedding that I attended.

Summer 2002 Centennial Convention -- I had the honor to represent the chapter at the 2002 Delta Zeta National Convention - Our Centennial Celebration!

Fall 2002 Rush -- Another Fairmont State Roundtable Rush - FUN!

Fall 2002 Homecoming -- The "School Sponsored Dance" and football game - "Falcons - It's All About Pride!"

Fall 2002 Alumnae Brunch -- Marci and Anna planned an amazing Alumnae Brunch for all the DZ Alumnae who came in for Homecoming.

Fall 2002 Fright Farm -- A Social Trip to the Fright Farm with the Brothers of Tau Beta Iota.

Fall 2002 Grand Lil's! -- Both of my Lil Sis's took Lil Sis's this semester - our family tree grew big time!

Fall 2002 Tie'd Up -- "Tie'd up with the Sig Tau's" - an interesting social.

Fall 2002 Centennial Costume Ball -- Katie Planned an amazing costume ball for us to celebrate 100 years of Delta Zeta Sisterhood!

Fall 2002 Initiation -- Another new pledge class gets initiated, and the sorority keeps growing!

Fall 2003 Chrissy's Wedding -- My Pledge Sister gets married!

Spring 2004 Strawberries and Champagne -- A Social with the gentlemen of TBI to celebrate the nomination of their 2004 Sweetheart.

Spring 2004 Trina's Wedding -- A beautiful Spring Wedding for our sister Trina!

Fall 2004 Homecoming -- Fairmont State University's Homecoming 2004 - Catch the Wave!

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Just a Note: This page is in no way affiliated with the DELTA ZETA National Organization, or the Epsilon Iota Chapter of Fairmont State College. It is only an expression of my views. This link will take you to the Official DELTA ZETA webpage.