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Delta Zeta Journal
- Spring 2001
- Random Stuff

These are random pictures from the Spring 2001 semester. Fun Times all around.

Jessica and I the night that my pledge class recieved our big sis's. Confusion at first, then a great night of hugs and fun!

We went to the local Mexican Resturant for Caitlyn's "birthday" - fun! (though, I'm not a big fan of the food....)

The birthday party for our Pledge Mom Ashley. Front row - Melissa, Ashley, Tressa, Me, Wendy. Second Row - Amy, Haley, Amy, Sara, Fran, Lora, Katie, Chanda. Third row - Rachel, Caitlyn, Bronwin, Marci, Erica, Sara.

In the hallway of the Hardway Building before a meeting. Stephani, Amy, Caitlyn, Chrissy, Me, Rachel, and Katie

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