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Delta Zeta Journal
- Spring 2001
- Lauren's Nomination

This was Lauren's Night, the night she was chosen as Tau Beta Iota's Sweetheart! It is a great honor, and came as a wonderful suprise to Laren, and the chapter!

Lauren and Carrie read the letter from TBI announcing Lauren as the Sweetheart.

This is a group picture from the night. I'll try to name everyone - Front Row - Chanda, Fran, Brooke, Lauren, Melissa, Robin, Jessica. Second Row - Brandie, Jessica, Michele, Brandi, Rachel, Chrissy. Third Row - Sara, Ashley, Haley, Katie, Caitlyn, Me. Fourth Row - Wendy, Trina, Melissa, Tressa, Katie, Brandis, Brandi. Fifth Row - Amy, Hilary, Stephani, Erica, Carrie.

Lauren poses with the gentlemen of Tau Beta Iota.

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