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Welcome! Enjoy your stay!

Okay well, this little spot on the web belongs to me, Jetnica! It's kinda like a catch-all for my spare time, so that everyone out there in internet-land can learn about me. (Although I'm not too sure that is too good an idea!) Right now you can look around to see what's going on in my lil chunk o'the web.

This is my DELTA ZETA page. I am now an alumna of this fine sorority. My sisters mean a lot to me, and I can't imagine what I would have done in college without them. Go to my DELTA ZETA page and learn just a little bit about this amazing group that I'm in. DZ Love & Mine!

As part of a special college program, I had the opportunity to take a semester off from school to learn, work, and play, in the magical land that is Walt Disney World! This is my Walt Disney World College Program Journal from Fall 2000 and the center for all the WCWCP information on my little chunk o'the web.

Click here to go to my links page. Most of these sites are in my favorites, or are places I spend time at. Included here is a random assortment of information and fun. Feel free to bookmark my page before you go! Enjoy the trip!

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This chunk o'the web was originally created on April 17th, 2000
At least one of my pages was updated on July 25, 2004

As always, Disney, Delta Zeta, & Devils Hockey ~~ Jetnica