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WDWCP Journal - Entry #13

Playing in the Parks

This page really is just a mix of some pictures that I've taken (or had taken) while me, my roommates, and our friends play in the parks. It's such a nice perk to be able to go to the parks for free and know some of the secrets, but I'm still waiting for Megan to take me in the tunnels of the Magic Kingdom. =)

This is a picture of me and Neil, the guy that I've trained with, and one of my good friends. I made Neil learn about Future World by going around and riding most of the rides, and seeing most of the buildings for himself. We went into Innoventions and made an Internet postcard, just like I did on vacation.

This is a group picture from Splash Mountain. Jay and Megan are missing, but Megan is missing because she works there!!! In the front are Jeff and Kerri, then Jill and Drew are in the next row, and then one of the guys Jeff works with, and then me and new Jay are in the last row. this ride was cute, but it just smelled nasty!

These are pictures from Tower of Tower. This is where Jay works. We rode this one twice. First, everyone needs to know that I am VERY afraid of falling. The first time we got of this ride, I was crying I was so scared. I didn't know how to react. Then we went on a few other rides in The Studios, and Jill wanted to go back and find Jay (we didn't see him the first time we went on the ride). I wasn't going to go on the ride, because it scared me so much, but then again, I didn't want to wait by myself. So up I go one more time. We found Jay, and he put us on the elevator. I was still very scared, but I liked it a lot this time, so I bought the picture. It's a good one, and I really was as scared as I look!

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