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WDWCP Journal - Entry #5

On The Road

Wow what a trip! Altogether, we drove 15 hours to get to Orlando. The trip went pretty well, much better than it did in June. No construction stops, and we only got stuck in traffic around exit 28 on I-4. (We were leaving the interstate at exit 27) I took a couple of pictures, and when they are developed and I can find a scanner, I'll but them here! (Of course!) It's Saturday, and I can't check in until Monday. It's weird to be this close, but not allowed to go to Vista Way. The drive itself was ok, my mom even let me drive! (She never lets me drive, even at home!) There were a few wackos on the road, but that's nothing new. Even when I drive to school, there's always that one idiot on the road that makes you want to scream! =) We only stopped a few times, and most of the time, traffic was light enough to keep things from being tense. The hotel I'm in is pretty cool, it's got everything you could want downstairs in the lobby. I had to argue with some guy at the front desk about using my computer in my room, and that was real fun. I think I'll go to sleep now, I think we are all going to go out and about tomorrow and get a better idea of where things are here in Orlando.

This is me in my car, getting ready to leave for Florida. If you look carefully you can see that my backseat is completely full. Still, my mom and dad had to fit somewhere in this car. It was a lot of fun though!

Oh dear, look, not only was the back seat packed, but I think that if anything else was crammed into my trunk, it wouldn't have shut. That's good though, I basically have all the necessities to move in to the apartment I hope.

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