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WDWCP Journal - Entry #6


Wow! What a long, long day! Check-in day started early, my parents and me went out to breakfast, and then around 8:30, I arrived at Vista Way to check in. I met three girls right away who were all wearing orange and from Massachusetts and they asked me to room with them. I was excited, but they were in a six-person apartment, and I couldn't change out of my requested 4-person apartment. So, I'm standing in line, filling out health forms, residency forms, all kinds of papers and checklists. Finally, I get to the room where you get your keys and linens. I went up to the room, and no one was there yet!! One set of linens was lying in a bedroom, so I chose a room and went to look for my parents. My mom and dad helped me to bring everything up, and poof! There were my roommates! They are, Megan-from Swansea, Massachusetts, Jill-from Buffalo, New York, and Kerri-from Vernon, Connecticut. Kerri is my actual roommate, we share a room and a bathroom. We all started to unpack {Still not knowing where we worked!} when we noticed it was time for a 10:45 meeting. Right before we got to that meeting, we passed a table that gave us our first scheduled seminar, and our WORK LOCATON!!!! I get to work at the Wonders of Life Pavilion in Epcot. After that meeting, where Eric (the guy who ran the meeting) picked on our table for everything, we all came back to the apartment to unpack some more stuff, and to get just a little better aquatinted. At 2:00, we had to go to a really boring meeting for two hours. The information, although important, was not presented in the most interesting way. After that meeting, we were all starving, so everyone called parents or friends, and we made plans to go to Wally World when all four of us got back. Dinner was okay, and Wal-Mart was a trip and half in itself. I can only hope that Wal-Mart will calm down soon, or I can find a time to go when there are less people there. We all came back from the Wally World, finished unpacking and got all settled in, and to be honest we were pooped so we all went to bed. That was my check-in day. I have an "Ice Cream Social" tomorrow, and my traditions on Wednesday, so I'll probably write about those soon!

This picture was taken about 10 minutes after all four of us got to the room. From left to right are - Kerri, Me, Jill, and Megan. This picture shows that we were still a little nervous about everything that was happening during check-in.

This is a picture of my half of the room that I share with Kerri. I know that even since I've taken this picture, I've put more pictures on the wall. The big wall hanging in the back is a sheet that I painted for a class assignment last spring. It kinda makes the room look bigger in some ways, and in other ways, it helps to keep everything from looking so massive and white. We've painted another sheet for the living room, it's a big aquarium. But that's another story, we'll come to that later.

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