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WDWCP Journal - Entry #2

The Interview

Well, my shopping trip traveled from Meadowbrook to Morgantown. After it was all over, I ended up with a black pinstriped suit. I thought that would look professional, and most importantly, it was on sale, so I bought it! I arrived in Morgantown on February 17th with little stress, although I did take a wrong turn and drove for an extra 15 minutes.... No big deal. I got to Brooks Hall and found room 342. When I got there I found Josh and Lucy and we all talked and had fun until Dan started his dialogue about Disney and the College Program. I won a College Program key-chain for being able to name all four of the Disney parks, sorta. I said "Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney's MGM-Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom" and since no one could guess what I said wrong, he gave the prize to me! (Its not Epcot Center anymore, just Epcot!) It was a really good program and had a lot of good pictures (I love to take pictures!) After the presentation was over, I had to sign up for an interview that night, since I was from a different school. I was the second person to sign up, right after Josh! We waited a while for all the people to sign up and to give Dan some time to get ready. When it was time for the interviews, I was expecting to go in with one or two other people, but instead, my "group interview" was with five other people. All went pretty smoothly, and my questions weren't really that hard, most of them dealt specifically with my resume (It pays to bring one!). Afterwards, I headed home to await my letter.

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