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WDWCP Journal - Entry #3

Mail Time!!

As time went on I waited and waited to hear from Disney. Finally, on March 3, the last day of classes before Spring Break, I checked my mail only to find a letter with a flap that had black silhouettes of mouse ears. I was screaming so loud and I was so excited I almost couldn't get my door unlocked! I had made it! My letter said I would be a part of the Disney College Program from August 21 until January 4 as an Attractions Cast Member. Whew! What a relief! I filled out my form telling Disney that I wanted to join them and mailed it out the very Monday we went back to school. I then received my packet with my Look Book and some more forms to fill out and send back. Well, I mailed everything in and started my scrapbook for my college program. I guess all that's left now is to sit back and wait until August. Or June, which is my family vacation to Disney! =)

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