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WDWCP Journal - Entry #37

Frequent Questions

This is just a small sample of questions. I will try to add more as time goes on.

How would you rate the experience? - This has honestly been the best thing I've ever done in my life. I've made great friends that have become a second family, learned a new way of doing business, and have had the opportunity to learn things about one of the best companies in the world.

Was it worth it? - Yes, by far, I've earned my ducktorate degree, shadowed Guest Relations, and learned exactly what I should major in during the rest of my college carreer. It has taken me 3 years to make that decision, and because of my experiences here, I am sure of my choices now. I am also more self-assured, and I know when I need to speak up and take charge. The opportunities that are presented here are amazing, and I highly reccommend this program to anyone intrested!

Did you have plenty of time for fun? - Yes, we are generally given two days off a week, and you can always ask for days off. My roommates and I went out together as a group about once a week, even though we all had very different schedules! Fun is a major ingredient for the program!

Did you have the opportunity to experience all that Disney has to offer? - There is time, provided you schedule every free second, but most often, students come down here with a kind of plan of what they want to accomplish, and everyone I've talked to has accomplished almost everything on thier list. (The ones I didn't get to are because a roommate left early for school - mostly picture opportuinites)

Did family get any discounts? - No, our discounts do not apply to family, however, if you make the right friends, you may be able to get in to the parks for free, because someone got you free tickets.

Are the apartments okay? - Yes Vista Way is currently being renovated, so they will be better soon. The new buildings, The Commons and Chatham Square are amazing! Overall, all the complexes are nice, and they serve their purpose well.

Did you earn enough money to have fun and to eat, or how much from home did you need? - Well, this is a tough one. You can survive on the paychecks you recieve. Cast Members get into the park for free, so the only money for play that you would need is for food, rent, and souveniers. I'm a shopper, so I spent a good amount of money from home, but I knew I would, so I prepared for that as well.

Will you have the opportunity to do other things at a discount? - yes they put out a quarterly book that lists all the things that Cast Members get a discount at. The book is pretty thick for a discount guide, and there are lots of random things in there.

How much college credit did you get? - unfortunately, my college was not cooperative with me, and I recieved no college credit for this program. However, I have recieved "real-world" credit that no college can teach, how to truely budget my money, how to work with all kinds of people, and how to live with other people. College can't take that either! =)

A final note: this is the opportunity of a lifetime - to work for a fortune 100 company, learn how they became that way, and exactly what people are looking for in a company. Any one who has the chance to come should take it, and there are so many openings once the program is complete. You will have a good time, just relax, and know that there is a huge amount of people to rely upon for support. Feel free to ask me anything, I will always try to answer every question, and if I can't I will find some one who can.

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