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WDWCP Journal - Entry #38

Christmas 2001

Well, I had the opportunity to go back to Florida for Christmas Break, so, of course, I WENT! A year later, things are amazing different, even though it's the same place. With the happenings of the past September, security is really strict in the parks now. When you walk in the guards check your bags, it was a kinda scary reassurance. I got to see the Christmas parade again, but I was kinda hoping to see the 100 years of Magic parade. Hopefully I'll go back before that celebration is over. Orlando still feels like home, which is great, cause I know I'll go back as soon as I'm finished with school!

Me and Richie! Mel threw this Christmas party and I was invited by like six people before I had even met Mel! The party was fun, and I got to see a bunch of people I hadn't seen working that week because of the transfers and such.

Me, Richie, & Sara sitting on Melly's couch enjoying the party!

Kelly and Donald, at the party.

Meet Allison, Diane's Baby Girl! When I left Disney in January, Diane had just started wearing the jumper costume. Ali was born on April 15th 2001. She's such a beautiful baby! I bought her a Christmas present, but of course I ended up bringing it home with me, so I still have it! It will get to Florida. Here Ali is playing with one of her new toys, with Sara's Dog in the background.

Ali learning the fun part of Christmas, the presents!

Even though I don't have any pictures of it, I wanted to tell everyone about my Thanksgiving break as well. It just so happened that I went to see Kerri (my roomie) at her home! It was a great time, and I got to meet all the folks I'd heard so much about for so long. (Hi Annie!) It was great to see Kerri, and I think my next trip is to go and see Jill in NY.

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