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WDWCP Journal - Entry #17

Playing in the Parks Again

Okay, of course we're going to play in the parks more than once or twice. But I can't always take all the pictures, or write a page about every single 'play day'. So here's another mix of pictures. Enjoy! =)

This is a great picture of Kerri, Jill, and Me on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. With the castle in the background, this is a picture that will forever remind me of the good times I had here in Orlando.

This is a picture of the three of us waiting in line for Splash Mountain. We had a blast with Drew too, as we shouted "Oh my God, It's Jill Luczak!!" Like she was a big star! It was tons of fun!!

Kerri and Jill breaking the rules and taking flash photos during Splash Mountain. It was very cool.

Look at the view from the top of Splash Mountain. This time I'm breaking the rules and taking pictures during the ride - but this picture was worth it!

Here we are waiting for the Country Bear Jamboree. L to R - New Jay, Jill, Drew, Me, and Kerri. We had a lot of fun getting carried away with the show.

Now, I know all the other pictures were from the Magic Kingdom, but this picture is too good not to post. This was taken during the Tower of Tower ride. (It's becoming one of my favorites!!) and it took 4 shots for this one to turn out so nice!!! Just thought I would share!

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