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WDWCP Journal - Entry #29

=( Bye Jilly!! =(

Well, November 28th has come and gone, and the apartment is not the same without Jill. We woke up early, and Drew cooked breakfast for everyone. Eggs, bacon, toast, and Juice - yummie! We started getting ready, and we took one last group picture in front of the fish. Before we left, Jill cut out her quarter of the apartment's dollar (look for that entry soon!). Kerri, Jeff, Drew, Megan and I rode in my car, and Jill and Jay went in Jay's car. The walk to the terminal was long, and quiet, and checking in the luggage was tough. Kerri, Jill and I kept trying to hold back the tears, although we weren't doing a very good job of it. She flew out on Southwest Airlines, which doesn't have assigned seating, you just get a boarding number and seat yourself. We sat waiting for the time for Jill to get inline and get her number, and then we sat some more, waiting for them to say that boarding was going to start. Then we all stood inline with her for a while, and once we realized that they had started putting people on the plane, we all just looked at each other, and started crying. I gave Jill a big hug, and told her I'd see her on my spring break - the end of March. Then we all just left the line, and Jay was the last to say his goodbyes. I miss Jill like crazy, it's weird to be here at home, and know exactly what she would say, but she's not here to say it. Jill, when you read this, just remember that you are loved, and missed!

Our last group picture, taken in front of our aquarium - right before leaving for Orlando International Airport.

Me and Jill on the Airport's Rapid Transportation System.

A picture from the Rapid Transportation system as we leave the terminal, the plane, and Jill for the very last time. =*(

Jill, I just want you to know that you are a great girl, and we all miss you here. Keep your head up, you know you'll be mine and Kerri's rock when we try to get through our own homecoming.

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