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WDWCP Journal - Entry #25

Uh Oh!!!

Okay everything started out like a normal day, I had a few errands to run in the park before I started work, so off I go through the park to take care of everything. As I was coming back to work, and going down the stairs to change and clock in, I FELL!!! I got to the landing and my ankle rolled over, and the ankle bone touched the ground and I heard this loud pop. I fell on my butt and just started screaming and crying for help! Suzette from merchandise was the first person to come into the stairwell. She tried her best to help me down the other flight of steps, but it just hurt too much. She went into the breakroom and got Angela, who called 911! Erica, another CP, came into the stairwell, and she was the first to calm me down, craking jokes and laughing. Martha, my manager, came down the steps, and she was scared to death that I had broken my ankle. The EMT guys came in and they were distracting me while they were trying to look at my ankle. They unlaced my shoe, and streched my sock out really far so they could look at my foot. As they put me on a gurney to take me to the hospital for X-rays, I looked at Martha and said, "I think I'm gonna be late for work." Of course, I crack a joke when I should be worried. So during my first ambulance ride, i got to talk about home, and everything that I missed from there. I got to the hospital, and there I started my 5-hour wait to find out what happened to my ankle. They took X-rays (man that hurt so bad, I didn't think it was possible for someone to hurt that bad!!) and they decided that they could see no fractures, so they put a half-cast on my foot, and sent me off with a severe sprain. I called work, and they sent people from Guest Relations to come and get me. I went to health services at work, and they got me some crutches, and some medicine. and I went home for my 1st of 2 days of medical leave. After my few days, Health Services took off the cast and gave me an ankle brace. I went to work and just tried my hardest to be a 'normal' cast member - not one who needed special assistance all the time. My ankle is almost healed now, after many visits to Health Services, and learning to use crutches, and limping for a very long time. I've learned alot while I've become 'crutch' about myself, about my co-workers, about my managers, but mostly I've learned how to ask for help - when I really need it. I still can't believe that I hurt myself in the happiest place on earth, but hey, what would I put on the web page?

Me laying on the couch the night I fell. I've got the big cast on my foot, and if you look close enough, you can see that I've got lots of stuff to do right beside me, there was no way I was going to get up off that couch!

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