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WDWCP Journal - Entry #36

There are a lot of pictures on this page, please be patient.

My Second Family

This is my second family. Now that I'm home, I miss these guys more than anything. Hey everyone, Keep in touch!

KERRI B!! Everyone should know Kerri by now. When I first saw Kerri, I thought she was one of those popular girls who knew everything about life, and was here to party! (No, I didn't think she was a snob!) When she first saw me, I think she said she was scared! Amazingly, we got along like nothing before, and I miss having her around all the time. The 2 AM talks, shopping sprees, and playing in the parks were awesome times, and I know that when I go back, I'll need Kerri there to experience it again! Always remember that when in doubt, just ask... "WHY NOT!"

JILLY BEAN!!! My humorous roommate, when I first met Jill (actually I met her parent first) I knew we would get along, she seemed a little wild and crazy, just like me. Jill has the best sense of humor, and to this day I cannot see anything with Chris Farley in it without thinking of the Jilly Monster. With the careful guidance of Jill (and Jay and Drew) I have learned exactly which beer is good for the soul!

Goodness, what can I say about Jay? Our 5th roommate in 911, Jay became a brother to me that I'll always be thankful for. From shooing away evil boys, to killing bugs, and other random guy things, Jay was always there, in the living room, to help out and provide a good laugh.

This of course is my roommate Megan. While Megan and I were not as close as my other roomies, Megan had a special outlook on the program that helped through the tough times.

DREWFUS! Oh how I miss Drew and his amazing comedic qualities! "I thought I told you never to trust a monkey!" Drew was our 6th roommate. (Keep in mind that 911 was on the 3rd floor, making it a 4-person apartment!) Drew is another guy who became a brother to me, and even when I didn't show it, I love him! (I don't mean to be "rude" but would you clean up your own mess this time?!) Besides, how many guys do you know that will carry all of your laundry up three flights of stairs, help you put it away, and then make Blue's Clues macaroni because your foot hurts!

Jeff, the guitar crazy, procrastinating hippy-man, Montana Project. Wow, whenever Jeff & Drew got together in 911, you could be sure there would be a riot soon. From a random "B" costume, to a Metallica Site that I can't remember the link to, (FIRE, BAAAAAAD!!!) Jeff always had something amazing to share with us.

This is Justin. It's tough to know exactly what to write about this guy. An amazing friend, he helped me learn alot about myself during Fall 2000. While not a Vista Way mainstay, he was known in 911's social circle.

Benny. CEO of RAVENSTAKE Pictures. Former Wonders Cast Member. Current RnR Coaster Cast Member. Worrywart. Loyal. True Friend. There are a lot of words I could use to describe Benny, but the friendship that was created during that semester is one of the strongest to date, and Benny has helped me through some tough times in my post-Disney college career.

Meet Keith. What can I say? Well, Keith didn't make the best first impression, but he turned out to be one of the nicest people that I met on my collge program. A unique personality, I'm glad that I was wrong about him that first week!

Diane, seen here in her first day wearing the "Preggo Jumper" Costume. My Sister, my friend, and someone who shares my obession with turtles. I hope that I can come down soon and see baby Allison, and of course Billy and little Billy. Diane always had time to listen, and wonderful advice from someone who knew.

Sara and Donald, who provided a great amount of drama and gossip during my semester! I love you both, and even though things are crazy for you both, I'm happy to know that both of you are finding peace in your surroundings.

Miss Faye, who always had the best advice, and the best jokes about silly things. She always had bubbles for the kids and a smile for the parents.
Ashlea, who I owe many memories to. because of her, I met Justin, who helped me in so many ways. Thank you Ashlea, for that one night of waving, the promise of a ride back to cast services, and the help that I needed!

Marcello, who knew what was going on, said things to the right people, and someone who I had great conversations with.

People that need mentioned, but I don't have pictures (or the pictures are already on the pages somewhere are:
Richie - I love you, and I miss your hugs. Stay calm, and remember, it's Disney, you're supposed to have fun while you work there!
Michelle - You crazy Kiwi - You are an amazing girl, a great pen-pal, and an even better friend. Keep the emails coming, and you can always expect the same from me!
Liz - My Roommate for a week! Hope all is well with you, and life is wonderful! Let me know what you're up to!
Bryan - Wow, it's been forever, and it feels like the chaos that surrounded us is a million miles away. You are a great sport to deal with all of that, and you're still a great guy!
Erica - Girl, you may have been given the short end of the deal, but you knew what was going on, and understood no matter what. You'll always be a part of my college program, and don't ever let what happened to you tarnish your memories of that semester!
Shaun - My fellow hillbilly! Who would have guessed that we would have met a thousand miles away from home. Keep your spirits up, and keep in touch with those of us stuck back in "Wild Wonderful West Virginia"
Double D - Debbie, you're a great friend, and I want you to know that! I know I don't keep in touch like I should, and I rely on you to keep my in line.

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