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WDWCP Journal - Entry #33

Christmas Day

Well, Christmas day was unique in Walt Disney World - I worked the early shift, and we were really busy. We even had a little scuffle break out in our queue because of people skipping line. Not a big deal - and it was neat to see everyone all dressed up for the holidays. After work, Kerri, Jeff and I went to the movies - to see The Family Man. It was a good movie, and when we all finally got home, Kerri and I exchanged presents.

Our aquarium became our Christmas Tree, with the lights and ornaments strung all around.

Neil and I, at Photocell.

My trainer, Richie and I at unload. Richie's an all-around great guy, and he's a good guy to get things fixed when no one else will.

Kerri, Jeff, and I outside of the AMC 24 at Downtown Disney, waiting to buy our tickets for the movie.

Kerri opening her Christmas presents. She doesn't look too excited does she?

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