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WDWCP Journal - Entry #12

Body Wars

Well, I've been trained in Body Wars, the ride that's in the Wonders of Life Pavilion. It's considered a separate attraction, that's why I trained for it at a different time from the rest of the Dome. It's a lot different to work at a ride than in a theatre, because there are a LOT of safety concerns now. I have to be very careful in everything, and that's a lot to think about. I must say that Body Wars is much more challenging than any of the theatres, but that's good, because time goes by a lot faster. My fellow cast members are much closer to my age in Body Wars, and given that most everyone is having a good day, a shift there is a lot of fun. I like my job still, and I can see why most college program students never make it back home. =)

This is Neil, the guy that I've trained with throughout everything, and I in the main tower of Body Wars.

This is me giving a speech to everyone before they can enter the vehicle and start the ride.

Everyone, this is what the inside of a vehicle, or a probe, looks like, this is also the best shot of my costume.

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