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WDWCP Journal - Entry #9

Attractions at the
Wonders of Life Pavilion

I just want to tell everyone how special my job is. Today at work, we had an 82 year-young lady who was visiting Walt Disney World for the first time today. It also just happened that today was her birthday. So, everyone that could possibly leave their position went to see her. Kim went to get a piece of cake from Pure & Simple, and we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. She was so touched by the moment that she almost cried. It was a great moment, and I'm just glad that I got to be a part of that memory. I'm sure the whole family will remember this day for a long time to come. I know I will never forget today!!!

Okay, now let me tell everyone what my job is exactly. I work in 'The Making of Me' 'Cranium Command' and 'Coaches Corner' as an attractions hostess. Often most of my day is spent giving speeches to the guests as they enter and exit the theatres. 'Coaches Corner' is a chance for guests to have a pro athlete analyze their golf, tennis, or baseball swing. It's the best, easiest job - I swear I have the best job. The best guest interactions happen when I get to blow bubbles. Most often, there is a crying child and when they see the bubbles, their eyes light up and a great big smile. Then suddenly, the parents are relieved that their little one is happy, and the little one is happy because someone who works for Mickey Mouse is paying attention to them, and only them. My job is great, and even though I might not be perfect, I think I'm doing okay. I'll finish this entry for now, and hopefully, I'll have more to write later.

This is a great shot of my building - The Wonders of Life Pavilion.

This is me blowing bubbles in front of the Making of Me Theatre. This is a cute way to introduce the whole topic of "The Birds and The Bees" while remaining in that Disney spirit.

This is the inside of the Cranium Command Theatre. This is a very good show about the happenings inside a 12-year-old's head.

This is my 'favorite' place to work in Dome - Coaches Corner. It's actually a very fun spot, but it's very exhausting.

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